Occupy Wall Street Protests - Live Coverage Timeline & Video Excerpt

Oct. 05, 2011 The Guardian

Follow live updates from the Occupy Wall Street march in New York as the protest's biggest action so far gets underway. www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/oct/05/occupy-wall-street

9.10pm: This video, uploaded to YouTube by the citizen journalism website wearechange.org, shows scuffles breaking out between police and protesters. The location isn't identified, but it's clearly one of the intersections at the south end of Broadway.

Video from the Wall Street protests

It shows officers drawing their nightsticks and making a number of arrests. Towards the end of the video, a protester claims to have been pepper-sprayed. I've seen a number of reports of pepper spraying, but I've not had a reliable first-hand account yet.

8.37pm: Police on horseback have moved in and barricades have been deployed on Wall Street proper, according to Salon writer Justin Elliot on the scene. He tweets this picture from Broadway and Cedar, where police are preventing people from crossing the street, and another that shows tensions between police and protesters there.

8.30pm: This is Matt Wells taking over from Adam Gabbatt. The situation at the Wall Street protest is becoming increasingly tense. There's a flashpoint on the intersection of Broadway and Cedar Street, with reports of a number of arrests. Police have deployed orange netting to contain protesters. Subway trains have been ordered not to stop at Wall Street station.

6.59pm: Paul Harris queries: "How do you fit 15,000 people into Zuccotti Park?" The answer? "You can't. Streets jammed in Manhattan."

Others are tweeting that the rear of the march is still backed up onto Broadway.

6.33pm: The demonstration has returned to Zuccotti, according to the Guardian's Paul Harris. The park "now feels like kind of a NYC neighbourhood. Library, cafe, lots going on. Not temporary," he adds. The New York Observer's Adrianne Jeffries says the march is "perambulating" around Zuccotti now – presumably due to a lack of space.

6.02pm: Storify showing selection of pictures from the march, which Karen McVeigh says is now arriving back at Zuccotti Park. Thanks to @hadearkandil, @swinecki, @democracynow, @hadearkandil and @jeans_shopping for the snaps.



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