Let's Get Acquainted With White House "Fox News War" Commander, Anita Dunn

Boy are you in for a real treat. Now, I understand that those of you who hate Glenn Beck & Fox News are going to dismiss this whole thing, but if you're really paying attention and are awake today, what Glenn is about to reveal to you should chill you to the bone.

Anita Dunn is the new person in charge at the White House who went to war with Fox News in an interview this past weekened on CNN. Apparently she's the new White House "Fox News War Czar." Specifically, she's supposed to account for and address any lies she sees on Fox News, especially the Glenn Beck show, and for that, Glenn Beck has installed a hotline in studio for Anita Dunn. Anita Dunn is the only one who was given the phone number for this phone, and Glenn has been begging for someone to call and say that he's got his story wrong. For the love of God, I hope he's wrong, too. But it doesn't seem Anita's either taken her job seriously, or the White House finds nothing wrong with what he's said.

Oh they've had complaints in the past. They correct Glenn about Van Jones. You see, Glenn said that Van Jones was the Green Jobs "Czar," but the White House dutifully corrected him, stating that he was NOT in fact a 'czar,' but merely an 'advisor.' Uh huh. That's the only thing the White House had to correct? Wow.

Now we have Anita to welcome into the fold of radicals. Glenn was given a video of Anita giving a speech to a HIGH SCHOOL audience in June of this year. And in that address, she told the students who her two favorite political philosophers were - and you will be shocked by the first one. I won't spoil it here. For those Beck haters out there, you won't watch the video anyway. But for those of you who WANT to know what's being discovered, you should watch so you can be forewarned who is advising the President.

What is the over/under on how long it is before Anita resigns? We shall see. Shocking indeed.
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