Arifi Explains the Fake Fatwa About Raping Syrian Women

(IMPORANT: Please read the following)

I know that after more than 200 comments here I probably shouldn't have to say this, almost all the regulars in the Syria channel and some other channels already know me. Some agree with my views, some don't. I was raised and taught that disagreement is a natural thing.

I am an atheist, I don't care for Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other made-up systems of belief. I do NOT support FSA, I never have and I never will. I am indeed against the regime of Assad, but my disagreement with it doesn't mean I should support radical groups operating in Syria.

I just care about facts, I find offensive that someone would insult my/our intelligence by bringing a false piece of news and then expect us to believe it. Much to my disappointment, many have.

I hope I made myself clear. I ask you, an adult to other adults, keep your comments civil and about this post.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with the user and I promised him I'll make this post, and here I am fulfilling my promise.

On December 2012 Al Jadeed TV aired a 2-minute news segment claiming that Sheik Mohammad Al Arifi has issued a Fatwa permitting Mujahideen to have sex with Syrian girls (basically raping them). The origin of this "Fatwa" was a fake piece of news on blogs based on a fake Tweet. Al Arifi.
After that, the "Fatwa" propagated all over the Internet and reported on many blogs and on different media outlets.

On December 29th 2012, Sheik Al Arifi tweeted from following tweet (

(Translation: "Here's a tweet claiming to be by me, about a bad Fatwa. For its writer ignorance, you can see it's more than 140 characters, and I have denied it here and on Facebook. But still, Bashar-supporting channels are spreading it.")

Then on January 1st 2013, Sheik Al Arifi gave a lecture in Germany, in which he talked about the fake Fatwa and Tweet. I found a video about it on YouTube ( I've done my best translating it, I've embedded the subtitles in the video and here it is: