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Arifi Explains the Fake Fatwa About Raping Syrian Women
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(IMPORANT: Please read the following)

I know that after more than 200 comments here I probably shouldn't have to say this, almost all the regulars in the Syria channel and some other channels already know me. Some agree with my views, some don't. I was raised and taught that disagreement is a natural thing.

I am an atheist, I don't care for Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other made-up systems of belief. I do NOT support FSA, I never have and I never will. I am indeed against the regime of Assad, but my disagreement with it doesn't mean I should support radical groups operating in Syria.

I just care about facts, I find offensive that someone would insult my/our intelligence by bringing a false piece of news and then expect us to believe it. Much to my disappointment, many have.

I hope I made myself clear. I ask you, an adult to other adults, keep your comments civil and about this post.


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