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Michigan State University Publishes Manual for Journalists on Best Ways to Whitewash Islamic Terrorism…

“Man-caused disasters” and “overseas contingency operators” conspicuously absent…

(CJP)- Do you know what Jihad means? The difference between “Muslim” and “Arab”? Michigan State University’s School of Journalism has published a manual of best practices for journalists reporting on Islam.

The manual includes sections on ethics, knowledge, objectivity and sources. It was developed by Michigan State j-students.

Under knowledge, the manual says:

Learn Connotations of Terms:

“Do not make assumptions based on the connotation of words. As a reporter, you should research, investigate and understand the true meaning of words not used frequently in your native language to make sure the words are being used properly.

“Avoid using terms that the audience has no knowledge of or with which a misplaced knowledge has developed. In the eve


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