Kids caught after posting video of themselves vandalising cars on web

SCOTTSDALE - Four Scottsdale youths who posted a video "of us breaking stuff" by smashing skateboards into vending machines and cars on YouTube got caught.

The boys smiled and mugged for the camera. They may not be smiling now. Police identified them on the video and the youths face charges in Maricopa County Juvenile Court.

The boys taped their Feb. 16 spree at Continental Vending Co., 4110 N. Scottsdale Road, and posted it on the popular video-sharing site, where it has gotten more than 1,300 hits.

One of the YouTube pictures shows a boy preparing to slam a skateboard into the rear of a blue car: The caption reads: "Hey, this is basicly (sic) just a video of us breaking stuff."

The video shows the boys using a skateboard to smash into vending machines and scooping candy and other loot into a red backpack. In one picture, a boy throws an object into the passenger window of a red car. Another hammers the windshield out with a skateboard.

The boy in the captioned picture whacks the rear window out of a blue car with a skateboard. Another boy finishes off the windshield by leaping onto the hood and kicking out the glass.

Breaking stuff may have seemed funny at the time, but Scottsdale police identified the boys after being tipped to the video. Police detained the boys March 20.

When they saw the video they "quickly confessed," police said.

The boys, who are in their parents' custody, face charges of burglary from the vending machine and criminal damage.