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Methods of helping the Iranian 'resistance' and ex-pats to steer Iran away from the bomb.

talking points..will the Germans and French listen? Contact your representatives.
Stopping the Threat of Iran September 2009

* Until Iran halts its nuclear program, America should stop doing business with companies that supply refined petroleum to Iran. Due to a lack of oil refinery facilities in Iran, it must import 40% of its refined fuel. Halting such imports into Iran will help encourage it to stop its nuclear program and support of terrorism.

* Governments who care about security and peace must ban banks from providing credit, insurance or loan repayment guarantees to foreign oil companies that supply fuel to Iran or help expand the country's domestic refining capacity.

* The United States should prohibit insurance companies from insuring tankers going to Iran. The majority of tankers carrying gasoline to Iran are insured by Lloyds of London, a company that

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