Two Dead in Windmill Fire

A crew of four was conducting routine maintenance to the 67 meter
high turbine. They were in a gondola next to the turbine when a fire
broke out. The fire quickly engulfed the only escape route (the stairs
in the shaft), trapping two of the maintenance crew on top of the
turbine. One of them jumped down and was found in a field next to the
turbine. The other victim was found by a special firefighter team that
ascended the turbine when the fire died down a bit. The cause of the
fire is unknown, but is believed to be a short circuit.

Firefighters are fairly powerless to do anything to fight fires on
wind turbines, and due to high costs maintenance crews have limited
means and training to escape an emergency situation.

The tragedy has lead to a political inquiry ('kamervragen' in dutch) into safety precautions for wind turbine maintenance crews.


By: SmellyMe (76.30)

Tags: Winmill Fire

Location: Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands