NEW Costa Concordia video shows ship upright for up to 2 hours!

22.45 hours: the ship is still stable, but the boats are not lowered.

The ship still in order at 22.30 and beyond. All motionless for more than an hour. The boats are stationary and no one starts the to relief. The video shot by Roan, Naval Operations Department of the Guardia di Finanza, nails Francesco Schettino, commander of the Concordia.

According to investigators, if Schettino had given the order to launch the rescue right away, things probably would have been different at Giglio. The rescue would have happened with the ship in order and not inclined, and perhaps the tragedy could have been avoided. But for over an hour, since theConcordia stops at the port entrance, up to at 22.45 or so, the boats are still. And it is precisely then that some passengers throw themselves from the ship. Without remedy. This is what is documented by video shot by the patrol from 22:35 on Finance. In the images the clock is ahead by one hour and 9 minutes, due to technical problems of the camera used.

In the movieyou can hear the comments of disbelief Guardia di Finanza, driven by Italo Spalvieri: "But why don't the crew launch the boats?"

The same crew, at that very moment and in the absence of guidance from the master, was preparing to launch rescue operations in a sort of mutiny. While on the Concordia the only orders that arrive are "in the name of the commander" and not by him directly.

The Finanza, thanks to the timeliness of relief efforts, managed to save dozens of people. The full video can also see somesignificant relief scenes (Video courtesy TG5 - Mediaset) Lara Loreti