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AMERIKA: It's not too late yet? ( part 1 of File B.)

A look but a Waco

This video is a compilation of several other videos put out by the Militia of Montana, with some extra information
added in. A total of 12 hours in length, A very good overall summary. Mark Koernke, Bob Fletcher, John Trochmann and other patriotic
Americans are featured on this videotape. With the dispersion of American forces throughout the world, we
cannot withstand an attack on our own country, especially from within. The United Nations is a major threat to
National Sovereignty, and right now we face invasion from the U.N. This video is a rallying cry to all concerned
Americans, to come together in mind and take a stand against the New World Order. Many topics and a variety
of details are discussed : Bridge to America, an army personnel exchange program, whereby our troops would
be training in other countries and foreign troops would train here in America

Added: Mar-1-2007 
By: neverknwo
Tags: New World Order, JFK, Secret Societies, Anti, Jesus Christ, Knights Templars, Banking, Conspiracy, Federal Reserve, CFR, Trilateral Commision, F.E.M.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., R.E.X. 84, Martial Law, Detention Camps, 666, Militia, Patriots, Domestic Terrorists
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