Deranged, Bigoted, Fascist Gaystapo Jew Bully Hillary Supporter Bashes Ivanka Trump and Children on JetBlue Plane

A screaming Brooklyn Jewish Supremacist Alt-Left bigot attacked Ivana Trump and her children on a jetblue plane today and was arrested by SWAT members and dragged off the plane.

Intolerant, bigoted bull homosexualist alt-left Jew Dan Goldstean started bashing and screaming at Ivana Trump and her little children.

Homosexual Jew Dan Goldsteins homoseuxual sex pervert fake husband as usual lied and claimed his sodomite "fake husband" was "calmly talking" to Ivana, lied some more stating "my husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone..."then later shot off his semen filled mouth on Twitter and bragged of bullying Ivana and her children: "my husband chasing them down to harass them."

As can be expected, Ivana displaced class, grace and diginity via trying to distract her children by giving them coloring books as the deranged homosexual Jew was bashing her and her children.

Typical militant bigoted, heterophobic fascist homosexual bullies bashing and bullying people for who they are, refusing to just live and let live and refusing to confine their hate mongering, aggressive, offensive bullying bigotry and hate to the bedroom.


By: VoiceofSanity (847.90)

Tags: gaystpo, dan goldstein, ivana trump, homosexal fascism, hmosexual terrorist, homosexual bully, bigoted homosexuals, jew-fags, jewish supremacists, alt-left jews, hillary supporter, bigoted homosexuals,

Location: United States

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