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CMI's iraq seminar held in finland in close future


former finnish president martti ahtisaari and his crisis management initiave foundation has confirmed that they're about to arrange an iraqi crisis seminar in finland.

this information is also confirmed by finnish state department.

mr ahtisaari's work is well known for it's efforts to solve difficult crisis around the world.

he played a key role in namibian independence process and led the UN operation that oversaw namibia's independence from south africa in 1990.

in the aceh conflict, mr ahtisaari led talks between the indonesian government and the former separatist rebels that ended a three-decade conflict in which 15,000 lives were lost.

mr ahtisaari helped bring an end to the conflict in kosovo in june 1999 - his last year as finnish president - after he was sent by the european union as a mediator.

in 2001 he served as an independent arms inspector i


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