Police address noise complaint by assulting man and cocking his shotgun at the crowd

This video was taken at the Houston Free Thinkers Free Show. The police showed up at www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWL24c6-QKw&;amp;feature=youtu.be# with the stated purpose of addressing a noise complaint. Derrick Broze spoke to the police about the noise and agreed to shut down one of the three stages. While Derrick spoke to the officer another officer began poking around The Compound (which is not a public venue). Derrick asked
these police if they had a warrant. They asked for his ID. He told them he was not in public and that he was not driving a car and was not therefore required to have one but was happy to identify himself as Derrick Broze and provided his birth date as well.

The officer then grabbed Derrick and took him out into the street and put him against the car and searched him. All without charging him or telling him anything. As more friends came around and asked what was going on. Some were unwilling to remain silent and exercised their first amendment rights and spoke their mind. One of these individuals was forcibly grabbed from
behind and threatened, "your freedom ends tonight" (can be heard in the video). This individual breaks loose from his unknown assailant and is grabbed by multiple officers and slammed into the car. When the crowd of unarmed civilians demonstrates their shock and outrage at this a shotgun is pulled and cocked.