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Jena Louisiana

Jena Six
My ancestors was kicked out of Canada in the 1700's because they thought we were dont see me up there with a sign bitching about it...let justice do it's job in Jena not Jessie Jackson or Mr. Dereck Muhommad, self proclaimed Muslim minister. If he was a man of God or his God he would be there expecting people to pray not be bitching about punishment 6 kids will receive for attempted murder. I dont care what color they are ..... white, black, yellow, brown, green, purple.......wrong reason people. Go home before you start something that wont end here. Would this march taken place if the victim was a black kid and 6 white boys locked up....i doubt that....GO HOME


Added: Sep-20-2007 
By: darby509
Tags: jena, murder, colored, black, white, green, purple
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