TURKEY - Election FRAUD (VIDEO), burned non-AKP votes

Turks report AKP manipulates elections
At this very moment elections in Turkey are taking place and the reports about elections frauds from Erdogan's AKP are massive. Despite the fact that to this moment already 9 people were killed in election linked protests the election appears to be rigged.

I was watching these videos when they were taken down from the account who uploaded this on yt. I got them from the cache folder of the browser.

However I do not speak turkish. It would be nice if someone could translate the conversation, so I can edit this post. Thanks.

More election fraud reports: https://2014secim.crowdmap.com/reports

Vertical cam warning

The picture with votes burned & thrown away (reportedly non-AKP votes) is from a election location in Istanbul.
The election manipulation in the video took place in Denizil.

Remember that this is just a minor part of this election fraud.