Man in low-flying plane drops wet toilet paper over son's school

THURSDAY, 14 OCTOBER 2010 13:09

A low-flying Cessna 172S dropped wet toilet paper on the Westwood Middle School field Wednesday night, as kids and coaches were having soccer practice. No injuries were reported.

However, some of the soccer players were embarrassed that they left the practice with toilet paper stuck to their cleats, and didn't know it.

Thankfully, this was not a terrorist incident. It was merely a dry run (HA!) for a potential stunt that would have taken place during an upcoming football game. The pilot was the father of a Westwood High School student.

I've heard of helicopter parents, but never single engine plane parents.

The pilot, Warren Saunders, will be charged with a fourth degree crime for violating state aviation codes. You're not supposed to drop stuff from an airplane. Duh.

I don't want to suggest that this parent was hovering (HA!) but shouldn't he allow his child to dream up his own stunt? I thought pulling pranks was something the students did.

Parents these are days are way too involved in their childrens' lives. I'll admit, my younger son couldn't even tie his shoes until third grade. Either he wore Velcro, or I tied the shoes for him. I just never seemed to have the time to teach him, and he didn't care about learning.

We help too much with homework, we fill out their college applications for them, we snowplow the coaches into letting our kids play, we give out participation trophies to kindergartners for showing up to baseball practice and doing little more than having a snack.

Furthermore, everything we do is ramped up. You can't just give your 8-year old a birthday party in the backyard — you have to book 20 friends into a place with laser tag, pie tosses and karaoke. And, apparently, when your son wants to do a silly stunt, you can't just let him do it, you need to hijack (HA!) the incident into something bigger and better than ever.

Police were called in to secure the field, the Federal Administration of Aviation was alerted, and investigators from the Bergen County Sheriff's Office and Hazmat teams were called to the scene. Who is paying for that?

When I was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to do a stunt during homecoming. He and his friend ran across the field at halftime, naked. It's called streaking. It was free. His parents had nothing to do with it.

These days, Dad would probably streak for him, so junior wouldn't catch a cold.

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