Trying To Warn Others of How Sharia Has Now Come To YouTube

SHARIA HAS COME TO YOUTUBE!!! YouTube pulled off all my comments as ItsAmadWorld2, most of RammatRamzi, and, apparently, ALL of, MegaBoxer77, removing at LEAST 10 years of unpaid work on the internet by yours truly. You know why? Because I was kicking up-raised Sunni patooti in prostration on a prayer rug (with words, that is). I SHINED when it came to comment making, exposing Islam is the process. What's that tell you? It tells you Sharia has come to YouTube BIG time now. It's me now, it will be you later, IF you aren't getting with the program and saying NICE things about Islam and Muhammad, not what the hadith say about Muhammad.


By: Rammat (2281.40)

Tags: yoursay, YouTube, Sharia compliant, 1st Amendment squashed, freedom of speech, silenced, dhimmitude, Sharia,

Location: United States

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