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Chubby Cheeks is Pissed,has a Pipe and is going to teach you some karate

Sure she's hot. But this babe is pissed. Classic Meltdown.Did I mention she loses it and attacks a cement lightpole base with her pipe? That she has the mouth filthier than a Sailor on leave in Thailand? Did I tell you she has some sweet karate moves she freely demonstrates on film? Has the magnetism of a wicked train crash. You'll want to watch the meltdown to end.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Dedicated to Liveleaks very own e4bannan, who posts up a plethora of nuttier then an assorted nut christmas platter of videos. He says he has some exotic video honey hole to upload from. Yeah, Honey Hole. That scares me. Oddly, e4bannan also wears a bandanna.

Added: Jul-2-2010 
By: Fire37Rescue
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Tags: Pissed off chubby cheeks, twinkletoes, over the top whackadoodle, Karate
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