Dashcam video shows South Jersey police officer shooting man

Police dashcam video shows for the first time what unfolded during a struggle in which a Haddon Township police officer shot a man who tried to drive away during an Oct. 29 traffic

Authorities are investigating whether the officer was justified in opening fire, as is standard procedure when police use lethal force in New Jersey.

Edmond Brown, 38, had been pulled over for having a handicap placard visible, which the officer said should be taken down while driving. The stop escalated when Brown crashed the truck he was driving into a parked car, walked out with his hands up, and then tried to run from the

The officer, who grabbed Brown, then shot him once in the leg. In the video, obtained through a public records request, the officer did not appear to know his gun had gone off.


By: Juggernaut (20022.30)

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