Newtown Connecticut CIA/NSA/Jewish Mafia Hotbed?

The video shows how those who run everything conduct "business". Insiders who break ranks can be forced to be drugged up to be silenced, committed to a mental hospital, beaten up, terrorized, raped, robbed, character assassinated, railroaded to prison, and/or murdered to make it look like suicide, natural causes, or accident.

When considering anything, news event, hoax, investigation, you should also look at who is benefiting from any situation. You'll hear Obama spout off about something and voila there is some event magically appearing as an excuse to immediately pass legislation unread.

[] for a list of the Top 10 NIH scandals. After World War II the State of Connecticut was the recipient of Japanese War Criminals who conducted bio-warfare experiments on prisoners and unsuspecting populations. So did the Nazis. Top police and intelligence people, also war criminals, were brought into the US to teach the US spy agencies to be a better Totalitarian Police State. So, what kind of "ethical" policing, courts, government, and spy agencies do we have today?

False flag events can occur out of a DMR Department of Mental Retardation, DCF, or other state or federal agency. When an agency retaliates, beats up, sets up, commits to mental hospitals, or railroads to prison employees who blow the whistle on abuse, what does that say. The embedded video is not recent, but this sort of thing goes on everyday, everywhere USA. It is just more common and more in your face. [].

The above link will explain the title of this post. Click links within post and do some research for yourself. Do you trust the Obama Regime? Do you think your are told the truth by international corporate organized crime mainstream media?

Why were actors hired to appear on CNN to pose as parents of slain children at Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut school? The 2nd embedded video tells that story. Please give this video time, it really breaks down FACTS.

The Jewish Mafia and "Judencia" explained in above link. Picture with this LiveLeak post is of former State of Connecticut Attorney General and now Chris Dodd's replacement as Connecticut US Senator. Dodd took bribes from international bankers at least partially allowing the complete economic collapse of America. Dodd quietly retired to avoid prosecution. Why post Blumenthal's picture? Well, he covers up public corruption and rewards insiders. Again, above for more.