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U.S. Plans to Justify Assassination of Americans

Call it "targeted killing" or "termination with extreme prejudice", a state has no right to kill its citizens without due process of law. The potential for abuse is huge. There is no accountability, only the say so of the president and the echos of the press that he or she was a "threat" to national security. If this is allowed to happen without the public lifting a finger in protest, it won't be long before surveillance drones, which already are used by police all over the U.S., are used for targeted killings on the US soil as well.

Watch carefully the legal reasoning that is going to issue from the pen and mouth of the Attorney General Eric Holder. He's said he was going to explain why political assassinations of US citizens are justified. Under Bush we had the legalization of torture, BHO goes one step further.

Brought to you by Press TV Global News.

Added: Mar-5-2012 
By: khamomil
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