New Manitoba Bigfoot Video

As we rapidly approach the two year anniversary of the Manitoba Bigfoot Video shot by Bobby Clarke on April 16, 2005, there is news of a new alleged Bigfoot video from Manitoba.

The footage is hosted on metacafe. I have not seen any news of this footage in the media, so perhaps it is suspect.

Following is the text that Doug Thomas, the gentleman who claims to have shot the footage along with his son, has posted with the alleged Bigfoot video on metacafe.

This footage was captured in Peguis Manitoba Canada. My son and I were going out to cut some wood as we came over the ridge we could see something crossing the road by time my boy got the camera out it this is what we captured.
Doug Thomas

I have contacted Mr. Thomas and requested additional details regarding his alleged Bigfoot video.

Following is the reply I received.

I guess I should make this clear first I’m not claiming that its “Bigfoot or Sasquatch,” I just don’t know?

There really isn’t much more that I can say about the footage, my boy and I were heading out to the gravel pits to cut some firewood. On the way over a ridge we could see something crossing the road on the next ridge probably about 400 yards away.

I slowed down and told my boy to grab my camcorder from the back seat. By the time he had it going what ever we saw had already walked across the road behind a mound of rocks.

What you see in the video is clearer then what I actually saw because we were so far away. The “creature” quickly disappeared into the woods and what we seen the video is the last we saw of it.

We stopped and shouted, “who’s there?” with no response. I remember looking at the tracks but don’t recall anything abnormal about them, it just looked like where someone had walked through the snow. I should have videoed the tracks but didn’t even think of it at the time.
Doug Thomas

- video encodings still in process -