Gotti Junior: 'I Might Get One In My Head'

(raw news conference)WHITE PLAINS NY,In a rare display of public anger, John Gotti lashed back at rumors suggesting he has become a mob rat and that he will be indicted for murder. The unexpected outburst happened while reporters questioned him outside Federal Court in White Plains, New York on Tuesday.

Gotti said that reports that he has cooperated with the government have put him and his family at risk -- including the danger that he might "get one in my head."

"My family lives in fear as a result of that," Gotti said, apparently referring to a New York Post story last year in which unidentified sources said Gotti, then on trial, had consideredbecoming an informant and had told prosecutors about crimes he and others had committed.

Gotti said an FBI agent was behind the claim -- which he denied -- and "should be brought up on charges."

"What happens next?" he said. "Does it make it all better if I get one in my head? ... Does it make it all better if I'm found in the street?"

He offered to take a lie detector test on live television if the agent were charged. FBI spokesman James Margolin declined comment.

Gotti, son of "Dapper Don" John Gotti, the late Gambino family boss, spoke after a hearing in White Plains federal court on an unrelated tax matter.

Probation officials claim Gotti violated the terms of his 2005 release from prison after serving six years for extortion by failing to pay $202,364.17 in taxes.

Judge Stephen Robinson had previously forbidden the Probation Department from sharing Gotti's financial information with criminal prosecutors.

On Tuesday, the prosecutors requested free access, claiming Gotti had lied on some forms.

But Robinson refused, saying probation officers must first show the judge that they have reason to believe a particular document might asked been filled out falsely.

Gotti could be sent back to prison if the judge determines he violated the terms of his release by not paying taxes.

Gotti's lawyer, Charles Carnesi, predicted outside court that even if Gotti were found to be in violation, any prison term would be suspended because of jail time Gotti served during unsuccessful prosecutions.

Gotti was tried three times in Manhattan on racketeering charges for an alleged plot to kidnap Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa.

The trials in 2005 and 2006 ended in hung juries and mistrials, and federal prosecutors announced a year ago that they were giving up.

However, Carnesi pointed out another Post story from Monday that reported, again from unidentified sources, that Gotti was likely to be charged with at least five murders thanks to "Mafioso pals" trying to get leniency.

"We don't expect that there will be any charges, and if in fact somebody is so misguided as to bring charges on the basis of liars and murderers who are looking to get themselves out of jail, then we'll address them at that time and we have every confidence that we'll be successful as we have been in the past," Carnesi said.