RIGHT NOW: The assault on Mariupol is well under way

A collection of videos in and around Mariupol.
In all, the situation right now is that the rebels from DNR are assaulting Mariupon from several directions, reportedly the ukrops are running with their tail between their legs.
This is the actual result of the failure of Minsk agreements that neither party has followed, which led to ukrainian troops regrouping and continuing their assault. The official DNR position is now that they will push the Kiev junta back to the limits of Donetsk and Lugansk, and "if needed" go as far as necessary to destroy or reduce the junta's combat capabilities so that they can no longer pose a threat to Novorossiya.

According to witnesses on the ground the city has come under random artillery, mortar and MLRS strikes (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75P2ZLK4U5c). Some inhabitants report water and electricity outages. Ukrainian side was very quick to blame the rebels, while observers on the ground have said the fire came from ukrainian controlled areas to provoke a mass media response/hysteria and possibly a hasty and not entirely thought trough decision by the DNR military command.
In the meanwhile ukrainian side has deliberately chosen civilian areas as staging/command points, probably counting on the rebels to attack them there and inevitably cause civilian casualties.
See vk.com/strelkov_info?z=photo-57424472_351816793%2Fwall-57424

In the meanwhile the head of DNR, Zaharchenko, said in a press interview that there will not be any conventional head-on assault of Mariupol, as this would require partially moving the forces from Donetsk Airport into the area, thus leaving the airport more vulnerable to attack. His vague comment on attacking Mariupol was that the city would be taken "with other means", leaving open to speculation as to the exact plans of the DNR military command.