Evidence: Rebel Chemical Attack on Syrian Soldiers

YouTube video URL: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn6WpYRJPNg YouTube Channel URL: www.youtube.com/user/SyrianGirlpartisan

Published on Apr 29, 2014

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE 18+ : Not meant for shock but documentation of war crimes.

Video shows circumstantial evidence that Al Qaeda have access to chemical weapons, and have used it against Syrian soldiers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6S4s...


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What is wrong with EU?

After WW2 Germans had debt about 29,7 billion Deutsche Marks (21 percent of GDP). Greece, Ireland and other creditor countries decided to forgive these debts partially and erased half of them. Half of public as well as private debt. Situation of Germany after WW2 was eased via support to its exportation.

In Finland leading politicians as well as those neoliberal economic professors in power (during early 90s especially) were incompetent to see what banks could do with so called “free markets”. Banks started to act like magicians and created money “out of thin air.” Result of this was gigantic digital money Ponzi-scheme that politicians here in Finland (or elsewhere) did not understand.

There is approximately derivative bubble of 700 trillion dollars in balance sheets of banks (meaning that the economic crisis is more like insolvency crisis because the whole banking system is basically dead). No politician in Finland (or anywhere else) can downgrade this virtual Ponzi-scheme debt. When in Iceland derivatives were downgraded to real value during Iceland’s systemic banking collapse 94 percent of value melted! (So one could say that those banks had owned mainly toilet paper)

Neither governments nor taxpayers can save the sinking banking system Titanic. The banks along with other financial institutions have given money in other words debt to everyone including those completely credit unworthy.

EU and IMF demand austerity, cuts and structural changes countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland and so on. So it is whole different policy than after WW2 in case of Germany.

Now is about the time abandon this sinking Titanic called European Union. At the moment Finland backs the banks with 50 billion euros (This is huge considering that the budget of Finland is around 54 billion euros). And in addition Bank of Finland has to pay about 70 billion euros to ECB (and who else it is but the taxpayer who pays)

If or when economy goes from really bad to a lot of worse Finnish taxpayers will pay these banker bail-outs around 110 billion euros which is over two times Finnish national budget. Consequence of this will be the economic nakba. “Nakba” means catastrophe and for Palestinians it means The Ethnic Cleansing which way political Zionist movement took the land and formed state of Israel. In Finland and in rest of the Europe this is happening under the mantle of economic crisis.

Faceless markets pull the strings. In their tax havens “The Bankster Mafia Oligarchy” laughs all the ridiculous beliefs that our politicians have. What happens when the real problem of economy will be revealed that the balance sheets of the banking system is worthless and full of toilet paper derivatives and bonds?

This article is partially Based on Internet article (aanestyseusta.fi/5) written by Finnish Author Ari Ojapelto who saw (in his book “Ahneuden Aika” = The Time Of Greed or The Age Of Greed) in advance the financial crisis that began 2007-2008. (In a way he could be described as Finnish Gerald Celente)

PS: - The Global Trap: Civilization and the Assault on Democracy and Prosperity is a 1996 book by Hans-Peter Martin and Harold Schumann that describes possible implications of current trends in globalisation. It was published in English in 1997. The book was a best-seller in the author's native Germany.

In particular, the book is known for defining a possible "20/80 society". In this possible society of the 21st century, 20 percent of the working age population will be enough to keep the world economy going. The other 80 percent live on some form of welfare and are entertained with a concept called "tittytainment", which aims at keeping the 80 percent of frustrated citizens happy with a mixture of deadeningly predictable, lowest common denominator entertainment for the soul and nourishment for the body.