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Why America is Starting to Hate Politicians...Perspective on the 'Imperfect Game'

Last Friday, Detroit resident Howard Kornblum was on Cavuto's FBN show, guest-hosted by Charles Payne. Kornblum is one of Michigan's many unemployed, and I don't think I've ever heard anyone else put this "imperfect baseball game" nonsense about the Detroit Tigers into proper perspective.

Kornblum nails it exactly as to why Americans are growing to detest crony politicians. It's all about priorities and what is truly important; not the stupid idiotic crap they spend way too much time on. I agree Galarraga did receive a bad call, but life goes on folks, and what happened in that game has no merit or even the tiniest of significance as to what's happening in our country today.

And in case y'all haven't seen it, both the umpire who made the bad call, as well as Galarraga have both showed true sportsmanship (and maturity) regarding this situation. Nothing else needs to be done or sai

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