FSA killed Turkish policeman - Local people reaction

Local people in Akçakale react the latest attack of FSA in their town. Akçakale town at the border crossing with Syria’s Tal Abyad reported that at least one Turkish policeman killed, 2 other policemen, 2 soldiers and one civilians wounded when a group FSA opened fire to the border guards. The Turkish government is still silent on the issue and main stream Turkish media tends to shelve the issue.

But the local people are angry and conscripts too and they react both FSA and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

One of the conscript advising cameraman to shoot the video well, for prime minister to watch it but his friends prevents him to go further. Local people are all blaming FSA... One of them says "Feed them well to kill us" "They burned our flag, threw stones to our police&soldiers, attacked our houses".