Iraq Nineveh ISIS Destroys Ancient Assyrian City of Nimrud

Islamic State (IS) has released a video showing militants smashing artefacts at the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in northern Iraq before blowing up the site. This is Islam for you. Enjoy!

Nimrud (/nɪmˈruːd/; Arabic: النمرود‎) is the later Arab name for an ancient Assyrian city located 30 kilometres (20 mi) south of the city of Mosul, and 5 kilometres (3 mi) south of the village of Selamiyah (Arabic: السلامية‎), in the Nineveh plains in northern Mesopotamia. It was a major Assyrian city between approximately 1250 BC and 610 BC. The city is located in a strategic position 10 kilometres (6 mi) north of the point that the river Tigris meets its tributary the Great Zab. The city covered an area of 360 hectares (890 acres). The ruins of the city were found within one kilometre (1,100 yd) of the modern-day Assyrian village of Noomanea in Nineveh Province, Iraq. This is some 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of Mosul.