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Yamato- Sinking the Supership part 1 of 6

On April 7, 1945, the battleship Yamato, the pride of Japan's navy, succumbed to American airpower in the Pacific. A cataclysmic series of explosions tore the massive ship in half and sent her to the seafloor with, tragically, most of her crew of about 3,000. Only a handful of photographs from Yamato's final hours—many of them taken from attacking aircraft—have survived.
Yamato and her sister ship, Musashi were the biggest battleships ever built (the third hull, Shinano, was converted to an aircraft carrier while still under construction but was sunk on her maiden cruise.*) The battleships displaced 72,000 tons with 18.1-inch guns. By comparison, Germany's Bismarck displaced 45,000 tons. Britain's King George class came in at 35,000 tons with 14-inch guns. The US Navy's North Carolina and Washington were 35,000 tonners with 16-inch guns. Even the mighty USS Missouri (Iowa Class) weighed

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