Tar sands protesters march on White House

On the 27th of July, the last leg of the "Walk for our Grandchildren" marched from St Stephen's Church through Malcolm X Park to the White House.

There was a delay getting to Lafayette Park due to what police claimed was an active shooter situation near Lafayette Park. I found no references to this on the Internet when I got home, but a friend reported hearing a report of it on WTOP radio. By the time the march arrived at Lafayette, whatever it was seemed mostly resolved, with cops just closing off part of the park to investigate what they said was a package left behind by the prior incident

This march began over a week ago at Camp David, proceeding at times down the C&O Canal before finally ending in DC. Cops at first wanted to divert the march to Franklin Square, but this was rejected due to the disruption it would have inflicted on a program serving food to the homeless there on Saturdays.

It would have been awfully convenient for Transcanada and their friends inside the Obama administration if the incident near Lafayette Park had prevented a week long march from ending at the White House for photos. With the incident essentially waited out, this didn't work.