Immigrants Gender Imbalance in Sweden

Sweden is reaching China in gender imbalance says Hans Rosling.

From January to October, Sweden received 23,349 refugee children. 21,200 boys & 2,000 were girls. This trend does not only apply to Sweden but in neighboring nation Norway also.

Hans Rosling says there will be serious consequences for the balance between girls and boys in Sweden. Ethnic Swedish boys must now compete with Muslim immigrants over Swedish women.

In twitter tweet Rosling says that the balance between girls and boys changed from 105 (boys per 100 girls) to 113 just in 2015. Rosling also says that with the current pace, then this so-called "TeenSexRatio┬╗ for Sweden will change from 113 to 120. He also states that Sweden will become China number 2 in gender imbalance between males and females.

So Sweden has reached level of China in gender inequality due to mass Muslim immigration of males.It is a powerful change in Swedish culture. It has already affected several statistics for Sweden, says Rosling. He also states that free speech, democracy and freedom are destroying the Swedish nation. Cause when people receives to much freedom they just stopped caring about politics.