Special army operations in the countryside of Lattakia Syria

Latakia (world) -07/08/2013- the correspondent in Syria reported that the Syrian army operations in the countryside of Latakia continue to confront the armed groups that targeted villages in the countryside, Slenfeh and quilts with rocket-propelled grenades and sniper operations in battle, renamed edit the coast.
The gunmen displace residents and control over their villages as the village of oak and Eboumkh Sheikh Nabhan Alhmbushah, but the army quickly moved from defense to attack stage, recalling the most important points, such as a hill and blasphemous and Beit Hkoha.
And Beit Hkoha area belonging to the atoning village has a population of 500 inhabitants, is one of the first areas that were controlled by insurgents when they launched their attack on the countryside of Latakia, but now under the control of the army of gunmen where Asatraliha not only a few hours.
A military source said to us: We currently editing regions of Asterva and Aramo now headed towards the village of Taopin for complete control and edit them from terrorist groups.
Fierce battles mobilized the Syrian army military potentials, where warplanes and artillery launched the places where the militants, especially in places that had controlled recently, and still Hunting run the most prominent feature of their armed operations.
The witness told us: all of these are coming from outside Syria, including Libyans and Kuwaitis and Saudis, Chechens and Afghans from all countries of the world, and kill Almadmnyen and the women and children in these villages.
He added that the locals greet the displaced who provide walk through the jungle from بارودة towards this village.
And remain in the mountains of Latakia battles between care provided in order to tighten their grip on the mountains of strategic importance Batalaltha the supply routes.