6-Year-Old Crashes Family Car After Missing Bus To School

6 Year Old Drives and Crashes Family Car

State police say when a 6-year-old boy in Northumberland County missed his school bus, he grabbed his mom's car keys and decided to drive the 10 miles to school. Police say the child headed northbound on Route 200, over the Great Wicomico River Bridge, through a busy intersection then headed west on route 360. The child almost made it to school, but ended up crashing his car when he came upon a tractor trailer. He wasn't seriously hurt. "It's just a miracle God was with everybody that morning from the speeds and the reports that we got he was determined to get to class," says Sheriff Chuck Wilkins.

Now, both of his parents are in trouble with the law, charged with felony child neglect. CBS 6 spoke with the father, David Dodson. Dodson says that he son has driven the family car in the past, but only around the house. But he says he had the keys hidden and doesn't know how his son found them and learned to drive nearly 10 miles. "A lot of things are going through my mind that could've wrecked the car...crashed into somebody else..got injured and my main concern is finding where he's at," says Dodson.

But school officials say this should be a hard lesson for others. "If you miss the bus go tell an adult. Don't ever try to do something like this yourself," says Arnette Butler, principal.