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IAEA Report: No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material for a Nuclear Weapons Program

Mainstream media misrepresents latest International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) report. What that report actually says is there is no evidence
Iran has diverted any material for a nuclear weapons program. And even
more important: Much of Iran's uranium stockpile has been converted into
a form that would be very difficult to use in a nuclear weapon.

"The agency had found that Iran had "converted much of the new material
to metal form for use in a nuclear research reactor." The Washington
Post even quoted an unnamed Obama administration official acknowledging
that the converted 19.75 percent enriched uranium could not be "further
enriched to weapons-grade material." But this admission appears deep
within the article." ☛ IAEA Iran Report: Little New except Reduced
Bomb-Making Capacity - Tehran Bureau

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