Fmr NASA's Hansen exposes farce of 'all renewable' goal: Would require 1,670 Cape Winds, much more

Speaking at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting, former NASA chief climate scientist James Hansen illustrates the colossal requirements needed to shift America's power sector to 100 percent renewables as called for by climate change proponents. Due to the inherent limitations of renewable energy, Hansen shows that the country would need 5.8 terrawatts of electrical capacity. That would require:
1,670 offshore wind farms the size of the 468 megawatt Cape Wind array (92 wind farms per coastal state); and2,400 onshore Tehachapi-sized wind farms (at 705 megawatts each, about 50 wind farms per state); and 27,000 megawatts of wave machines (zero exist today); and227 gigawatts of concentrated solar power plants (or 580 Ivanpah-sized power plants at 392 megawatts each or 10 plus solar plants per state) to produce energy and an additional 136 gigawatts (7 solar plants per state) just for storage; and2,300 gigawatts of central solar photovoltaic cell power plants or 1,200 times more central photovoltaic capacity than exists today; and469 gigawatts of solar thermal storage or roughly 1.5 times the current capacity of all US coal-fired power plants.AGU 2015 Fall Meeting
December 14, 2015
San Francisco, CA