Russian tennis player bleeding after hitting himself with tennis racquet 3 times at ATP Masters

An incredible match Monday night between Spain's Nicolas Almagro and Russia's Mikhail Youzhny (called "The Colonel" because of his post-match salute) led to one of the best points in years, and some bloodshed.

The bloodshed was self-inflicted by Youzhny, who had already been through the emotional gamut in a match he started off leading 4-0, but somehow got into a third set, to the point where Almagro was serving for the match.

He had once been warned for ball abuse; when he fired one out of the stadium later on, it was Almagro who let umpire C?dric Mourier have it for not penalizing Youzhny.

So it's 7-6, 6-3, 5-4 for Almagro, serving for the match, and Youzhny has break point. A long rally ensues, at the end of which Youzhny makes an error. To say the least, he chastised himself for it. He smacked his head - hard - three times with his racquet, and blood gushed down his face.

He tried to wipe it off and continue, but ultimately he had to sit down and have the trainer look at it, which led Almagro to come over, laughing as Youzhny laughed ruefully, asking him if he was all right.

It seemed like a tension-breaker. But Almagro went completely off at that point, shanking balls and hitting them out by a mile. Six straight unforced errors. And suddenly it was Youzhny up 6-5. They changed sides, and Almagro had to wait until they mopped up some extra blood on what was now his side of the court.