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America - "Remember to Vote Today!" - Primaries (Feb.5,2008)

I almost forgot, myself, until someone reminded me. Just a reminder, nothing more. Please get out there and fulfill your duty as a citizen. Went Obama, myself.

Not sure what Non-Partisan entails so I went as a registered Democrat until I can figure that out -- I like being able to play on both sides of the aisle and vote for whatever and whoever I want depending on the issue. So if NP allots me that freedom I'll go NP next time.

Here in California, at least where I voted, there was only one computer touchscreen available and no one was using it. Everyone was using the paper ballot and being given the paper ballot as the main option.

I didn't appreciate the condescending tone of some of the senior citizens working there when I asked some questions, though. One guy, in particular, completely rubbed me the wrong way -- he spoke as if my asking anything was burdensome and that I sh


Added: Feb-5-2008 
By: lasrever
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