America - "Remember to Vote Today!" - Primaries (Feb.5,2008)

I almost forgot, myself, until someone reminded me. Just a reminder, nothing more. Please get out there and fulfill your duty as a citizen. Went Obama, myself.

Not sure what Non-Partisan entails so I went as a registered Democrat until I can figure that out -- I like being able to play on both sides of the aisle and vote for whatever and whoever I want depending on the issue. So if NP allots me that freedom I'll go NP next time.

Here in California, at least where I voted, there was only one computer touchscreen available and no one was using it. Everyone was using the paper ballot and being given the paper ballot as the main option.

I didn't appreciate the condescending tone of some of the senior citizens working there when I asked some questions, though. One guy, in particular, completely rubbed me the wrong way -- he spoke as if my asking anything was burdensome and that I should know the whole process already. He also ordered me around ("go over to that booth there are open booths there" even though most of the booths in the entire room were empty).

I asked him a few more questions not only because I wanted the answers but because I wanted to measure his personality.

I smiled and kept my poker face and, after he finished answering me twice, and answering other questions, I turned to another person who worked there and asked the same questions again.

If a control freak also wants to be a jerk I can let him know in a subtle way that I don't give a F and will still do it my own way. If he was a manager I worked for the method would be to pretend passivity so that he becomes more aggressive or insulting over time -- this gives me the opportunity to lash back as a surprise later on. Always feels good when a sudden change of tone or expression gives a power monger pause. Like they're thinking, "oh, there's another side to his personality?"

Yeah, there are many sides to my personality.

But I digress.

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