Seattle Police kill carjacker

SEATTLE — An armed man led police on a wild and dangerous chase while carjacking vehicles and opening fire on officers before being killed by police.

Seattle police released dashcam video Monday night of the chase.

The crime spree started around 12:30 p.m. Sunday in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood when a man in his 30s, armed with two pistols, ran into a coffee shop at Pike Place Market. A barista at Storyville Coffee saw the man had a gun and called 911.

Police say the man then fled to a nearby tattoo parlor, prompting another call to police.

"The guy kicked open the door and I thought he was just being a jerk so I was going to ask him to leave and walked up to him and he pulled two pistols out of his pockets—these two big black guns with chrome tops," said James Sykes at Under the Needle.

He thought he was being robbed but the gunman was looking for an escape and ran out the back door.

After leaving the shop, police say the man stole a red Volkswagen at gunpoint and drove to the Montlake area, where he stole another vehicle at gunpoint at the University of Washington Tennis Center.

KIRO 7 spoke to a family who was at the tennis center for lessons and found themselves face-to-face with the armed man when he ran into the building and demanded car keys.

"The guy bursts through the door and says, 'Give me your keys,' and took out two pistols and waved them around," said Adam Tratt. "I told my kids to run. I went to reach for my keys. He didn't want me reaching in my pocket. I grabbed my keys and I threw them across the room."

The man then took off in Tratt's minivan.

Officers began pursuing the suspect in Montlake, where they reported coming under fire from the fleeing suspect.

The man then drove onto westbound SR 520 and northbound onto Interstate 5 before exiting in the Ravenna neighborhood.

By that time, the man was in a third vehicle, a black Camaro.

Officers caught up with the gunman and exchanged gunfire, killing the man near Northeast 68th Street and 35th Avenue Northeast.

Police found two guns in the man's possession. Seattle police are working with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to trace the suspect’s handguns.

Dozens of people witnessed the chase and subsequent shootout.