Al Qaeda In Iraq Boasted Of U.K. Terror Plot This Spring

British Church Official: Group Leader Warned "Those Who Cure You Will Kill You"

More evidence of a possible link between the British car bomb plotters and al Qaeda in Iraq emerged Wednesday, as a respected British church official based in Baghdad said one of the group's leaders boasted to him of plans to attack Britain.

Cannon Andrew White is quoted by The Times newspaper as saying an al Qaeda in Iraq leader told him in the spring that "those who cure you will kill you".

The quote by White, who CBS News correspondent Sheila MacVicar says is well-regarded and frequently plays an active role in Middle East issues, strikes an eerie chord in Britain; all eight of the suspects in the plot were doctors or medical workers with ties to the country's National Health Service.

White told The Times he had informed Britain's Foreign Office of the general warning from the al Qaeda leader in April, but not the specific wording. The newspaper reported that the Foreign Office was forwarding the exact wording of the threat to police in London who are now leading the investigation.

Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie told CBS News Tuesday that he has been warning U.S. and British authorities "for 18 months" that al Qaeda in Iraq "has been systematically infiltrating operatives into Europe."

"Al Qaeda, in last 18 months, has changed its recruiting strategy; it's now targeting highly educated and highly intelligent people, the intellectual capital of the Muslim world," Rubaie added.

Intelligence sources tell CBS News that the crucial cell phone evidence gathered from the eight people now in custody also suggests a link outside of Britain, and apart from Australia, where the last arrest was made Tuesday.

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