150 Kurdish people burned alive by Erdogan's regime in Cizre/Turkey


"The situation in Diyarbakir is terrible. Its district Sur is seeing 79th day of curfew. 200 people were trapped in basements, and Turkey’s Special Forces do not allow to rescue them," Uca said Thursday, adding that an offensive in Sur continues.

Relations between Ankara and Kurds both inside the country and in Syria have been progressively worsening. Turkey links Syrian Kurds to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and labels both terrorist organizations.

Tensions escalated in July 2015, after 33 Kurdish activists were killed in a suicide blast in the Suruc district and two Turkish policemen were later killed by PKK, which led to Ankara's military campaign against the group. Violence escalated further in December, when Turkish
authorities declared a curfew in a number of southeastern regions.

On Wednesday, a car bomb detonated in the capital of Ankara, causing a blast and inferno that killed 28 people.

Turkey's authorities were also quick to blame Kurdish organizations for Wednesday's blast in the Turkish capital Ankara that killed 28 and left 61 people wounded. Uca added that all the victims in the Sırnak province that borders Syria and Iraq were Kurds. "Many people and journalists rise against an imminent massacre like in Cizre," she added.

Feleknas Uca also stated that Turkey continues offensive against Kurdish-populated Diyarbakir province, where at least 200 people have been trapped in basements. "In Cizre district of Sırnak, around 150 people have been burned alive in different buildings by Turkish military forces. Some corpses were found without heads. Some were burned completely, so that autopsy is not
possible," Uca said on Thursday. Turkish forces accused of letting 150 Kurds burn to death while trapped in basements as Kurdish 'Freedom Hawks' separatist group claims responsibility for deadly Ankara bombing.

Some 150 Kurds have been burned alive in different buildings by Turkish military forces, as government’s offensive on mainly Kurdish southeastern provinces brings new victims, a member of the Turkish parliament from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party, Feleknas Uca,
told Sputnik.

Turkish forces have been accused of letting 150 Kurds trapped in basements burn to death, while the country has responded to this week's deadly bombing in Ankara with increased shelling in Syria.

Over the past month, Turkish forces have repeatedly attacked YPG positions in Syria, claiming the Kurdish militia is a terrorist group that threatens Turkish security.


Meanwhile kurdish YPG/SDF gain more teritorium from ISIS. SDF is being greeted by the people of Al-Shadadi, Hasakah (VIDEO);



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Location: Cizre, 73200 Cizre/Şırnak, Turkey