China's most wanted fugitive has close connection with Liberal Party in Canada

Ching is a prominent Vancouver property developer with strong political connections to the Liberal Party of Canada, and often appears at local fundraising events. He also goes by another name, Mo Yeung Ching.

Cheng, 45, is a Chinese fugitive who reportedly fled to Canada in 2000 with millions of dollars of ill-gotten money. He has been the subject of an Interpol Red Notice since about 2013.

The federal Liberal party isn’t so sure, and has launched an internal review to find out whether Ching is Cheng, and if any illicit gains have poured into party coffers.

“The party is taking it seriously in Ottawa, and there are actions to review the concern, and that is what is happening now,” said a well-placed source in the Liberal Party of Canada.

In each instance, Cheng’s grinning face, with its distinctive mole near the right eye, was among the accused. His alleged crime: political corruption.

The Province began asking about the man in the Interpol Red Notice back in February. The trail quickly led to Vancouver lawyer Lawrence Wong, who represents Michael Ching, the president of Mo Yeung International Enterprise Ltd., a Richmond, B.C.,-based development company.

During an interview, Wong said his client is not the same person featured in the Interpol Red Notice. He did confirm, however, that Ching is related to the late Cheng Weigao, the former governor and Communist party chief of China’s Hebei Province whose career ended in disgrace in 2003 amid allegations of corruption, bribery and strong-arming.

Cheng Weigao had one son: his name is Muyang Cheng.

Wong would not comment on the picture of Muyang Cheng that is attached to the Interpol notice. And further questions about his client, including how he is related to Cheng Weigao, whether Ching is a Canadian citizen and whether he has ever changed his name were referred to David Lunny, another of Ching’s lawyers.

“The Chinese authority was doing this anti-corruption campaign so somehow some old names popped up again,” Wong said. “We take the position that it is a different person … This thing was going on for the past 10 years so we are still at the stage of clarification as to what is going on with this.”

He lives in a multimillion dollar home in Vancouver and has donated regularly to both the B.C. Liberal party and the Liberal Party of Canada. In 2008, he was mentioned in a speech delivered before the House of Commons by Raymond Chan, then the Liberal MP for Richmond.