Video Shows Eduardo Campos' Plane Crashing in Santos, Brazil

The footage recorded from a construction site shows the Cessna Citation 560 XL falling almost in a vertical descent in Boqueirao neighbourhood in Santos, Brazil, august 13. The plane hit a backyard with a huge bamboo bush, missing 4 or 5 residential buildings for a hair. Campos, PSD party candidate in presidential election, was coming from Rio de Janeiro. The plane was trying another approach, since the first attempt to landing failed due bad weather conditions.7 people died in the accident, the two pilots and 4 Campos' staff personnel. 7 people were rescued in soil, with minor injuries. Investigators said that the evidences point to human error, hence the plane' flaps probably been closed - this model could stall if speed is below 200 mph and flaps aren't unfolded.

"We can see the falling plane's last seconds. See again the highlight area in the screen. After the fall, we see a explosion and a huge smoke column. In the upper part of the screen, is showed the crash's date, but th hour are wrong - the accident ocurred just after 10 am. Because that (the wrong hour) the images aren't found till now. The plane bring the presidential PSD candidate Eduardo Campos, 4 staff personnel and 2 pilots. Everyone died in the accident."
(Source: TV Tribuna, Globo local channel).