ISRAEL: Forced psychiatric hospitalization of anti-judicial corruption activist - Part II

ISRAEL: Forced psychiatric hospitalization of anti-judicial corruption activist - Part II

OccupyTLV, August 9 - Ben Simone was protesting for 4 days in front of the office of the Justice Minister, demanding to speak with the minister. The minister finally spoke with her for a few minutes, following which Ben Simone was forced into psychiatric hospitalization.
On Saturday night, Spokesman for Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked issued a release, stating that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked had nothing to do with the forced hospitalization of Joelle Ben Simone. The release was perceived by activists as a not so veiled threat of action against those, who published that Ayelet Shaked was behind the forced hospitalization of Ben Simone...
On Sunday - regardless of intensive work by activists and attorneys, no documents could be discovered on how this forced hospitalization came to happen.
Also on Sunday - officials at the "Eitanim" hospital claimed that Joelle waived her right to challenge the force psychiatric hospitalization...
On Monday - fax note was discovered from a social worker to the Jerusalem District Psychiatrist, where the social worker explicitly names a person in the office of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who called her and asked her to address concerns regarding Ben Simone's psychiatric condition... The social worker responded in amazing speed, and immediately visited Ben Simone for a few minutes, following which she issued the fax to the District Psychiatrist, requesting forced hospitalization of Ben Simone.
Israeli law requires that a person be dangerous to himself or to others, in order to permit forced psychiatric hospitalization. Even the social worker fax never claimed any of that...
It remains to be discovered who (if any) and on what basis, issued the required Force Hospitalization Warrant in this case...
On Monday afternoon, following pressure by Joelle Ben Simone, activists and attorneys, Ben Simone was finally released.
The entire episode is of course straight out of a bad movie about a dictatorship or a dark regime..


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