Day old kitten and a Pit Bull

Heard a faint kitten cry for a like 20 minutes before I decided to check it out . Found the little dudedudet looking for his mama and crying non stop . Waited for another 30 minutes to see if
mama comes back to pick him up so I won't fuck up this little ball of fur chances to get picked up.

She's a no show, so i'v driven my ass to the pet store to get formula for kittens, and now i'm fucked feeding this sucker every 2 hours or so .
I'l go looking for this mother later , pray for my sleep .
Thank god for Rufus , this big love fuck is helping me calm this crying little cute fuck .

Update: Rufus helped the kitten to piss and poop all over my bed ( great success!)
after feeding him all night . I'v found the mother and waited till its warmer in the day so I could leave the kitten on the ground . She took her sweet time , but after an hour picked the little fella ! Thanks for all the good feeback LL , love all you sick fucks


By: Beat_Hacker (179.60)

Tags: liveleakers, Pit Bull, kitten

Location: Israel