Kiev secretly received data from MH17 crash investigators

Kiev secretly received data from MH17 crash investigators – Ukrainian hacktivists

Ukrainian CyberBerkut hacktivists claim that they have penetrated the internal network of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and found proof that Kiev is getting secret data from MH17 crash investigators, including information which implies its involvement.

A document, posted on the website, and allegedly downloaded from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry network, dates back to August 7 and appears to be signed by Colonel Igor Zorin, the chief of Ukraine’s air defense forces. It is a report which maintains that a fragment of a projectile found together with the debris of the crashed flight MH17 is in fact a damage agent of a 9M38 surface-to-air guided missile belonging to the mobile air defense complex Buk or Buk M1.

Photo scans allegedly depicting the fragment in question have been also posted.

The document acknowledged that a specific rectangular shape of the fragment pointed out that it could belong to a 9N314 warhead of the 9M38 anti-aircraft missile.

It was suggested that the final conclusion could be made after analyzing the original fragments depicted in the photographs.

CyberBerkut claimed that the documents are evidence that the MH17 crash investigation commission and the Ukraine Defense Ministry have “special relations.”

Meanwhile, Ex-Air Defense deputy chief, military expert Aleksandr Tazekhulakhov told RT that judging by the photo, the fragment is deformed to the extent that it is impossible to independently define its form which is very important for the final conclusion.

“The metal fragment depicted in the photo can’t be identified as part of any ballistic missile warhead. It can be whatever,” he said. Only after several types of tests, such as ballistic, chemical and spectral analysis, can any conclusion be made.

The Dutch Safety Board, which is investigating the MH17 crash, released a preliminary report in September stating that the plane “broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside.”

The commission said that the full report on the catastrophe is set to be released “within a year of the crash,” as the investigators “want to further analyze the data and the wreckage.”

Buk and Buk M1 missile systems were developed by the Soviet Union and entered into service in the late 1970s and in early 1980s.

Earlier this week, a source in Russia’s Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti news agency that after the fall of the Soviet Union, a number of such systems remained in Ukraine and today Kiev possesses no less than 70 Buk M1 systems.

According to open sources, the Russian army operates only Buk-M1-2 and Buk-M2 missile systems – the latest modified versions developed after Ukraine became independent in 1991.

The source also accused Valentin Nalivaichenko, head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), of inadvertently leaking that the MH17 Boeing-777-200 crash in July was caused by an outdated missile that only Ukrainian army still operates.

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We, CyberBerkut, being on internal network of Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, have found the document which points at special relations between Boeing's crash investigation committee and Ukrainian soldiers. The document of Ukrainian army air defence leader Colonel I.Zorin points that Ukrainian side secretly obtains commission materials. About 2 months ago Zorin, the main culprit of 300 passengers' death, has already obtained facts about guiltiness of his subordinates. It seems that he provides himself with a justification base, on "5 channel" Nalivaichenko tells that Boeing is shoot down by Russian "Buk" missile system. In materials we have uncovered there are photographs of the missile attack elements, founded in aircraft fragments on crash site. We declare, that criminal junta prepares a large-scale provocation. While the committee works on another report, these cynical liars from the Ministry of Defence try to shift themselves of responsibility for committed crime, which killed 300 innocent passengers.

The documents of colonel I.Zorin you can see

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