Fraud on Congress, Racketeering by Judges in Los Angeles County, California, Alleged in Complaint to US Department of Justice Inspector General

Washington DC, May 28 – complaint filed by Joseph Zernik, PhD, and Human Rights Alert (NGO) with Glenn Fine, Office of Inspector General, US Department of Justice, alleges fraud on US Congress and denial of equal protection in Los Angeles County, California, by Kenneth Kaiser – Assistant Director of FBI, and Kenneth Melson – then Director of US Attorneys Office. [1] Office of the Inspector General is charged with conducting “independent investigations… of United States Department of Justice personnel… to detect and deter … fraud, abuse, and misconduct, and to promote integrity… and effectiveness in Department of Justice operations”. The complaint alleged that in August-September 2008, Kenneth Kaiser – Assistant Director of FBI, and Kenneth Melson – then Director of US Department of Justice Office of US Attorneys, provided responses to US Congress, which constituted the fraud on US Congress and also denial of equal protection to the 10 million residents of Los Angeles County, California. The responses by the two US officers came in response to inquiries filed on the Department of Justice by the Hon Dianne Feinstein, Senator from California, and the Hon Diane Watson, Congresswoman from Los Angeles. The 2008 congressional inquiries sought response by the Department of Justice on complaints filed by Dr Zernik in early 2008, which claimed racketeering by the judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court, the hallmarks of which were large scale false imprisonments, including the ongoing false imprisonment of the thousands of Rampart FIPs – victims of the Rampart corruption scandal (1998-2000) and real estate fraud by judges under the guise of litigations, in a county, which had been distinguished by FBI already in the early 2000s as the “epicenter of the epidemic of real estate and mortgage fraud”.
Today’s complaint by Dr Zernik and Human Rights Alert also provided additional new evidence of the racketeering by judges of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. It was claimed that the hallmark of such conduct today was in the ongoing alleged false imprisonment of Richard Fine, 70 year old, former US prosecutor, with no warrant ever issued, and no judgment/conviction ever entered in his case. Also noted in the complaint were the pardons signed by the Governor of California on February 20, 2009, for all judges who were and are taking “not permitted” payments. The complaint filed today by Dr Zernik and Human Rights Alert again emphasized that investigation of such complaints was the primary authority of the Office of Inspector General, and also part of its stated mission.
Copies of the complaint were filed with US Congress – Committees on the Judiciary, and also with US State Department and United Nations Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights – as part of the pending 2010 review by the United Nations of Human Rights in the United States.
[1] May 28, 2010 Complaint filed with DOJ-IG - fraud on US Congress, denial of equal protection in Los Angeles County, California.

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