Soros funds Obama Inaugural, too

The involvement of George Soros in the career and campaigns of Barack Obama has been noted by the American Thinker in numerous articles. His influence is also reflected in a range of think tanks, activist groups, websites, and other organizations that Soros funds to reinforce the power of the left. These groups alone seem well-placed to influence the policies of an Obama administration, foremost among them being the Center for American Progress. Now comes news that Soros and his family are maxing out the financial contributions they are making to pay for the Obama inauguration festivities.

Nikita Stewart writes in the Washington Post:

Six pages of donors available yesterday on the inaugural committee Web site showed 169 individuals donating $50,000 each, including hedge fund billionaire George Soros,
a well-known supporter of liberal causes, three of his children and a daughter-in-law.

This lavish support occurs against a backdrop of widespread economic turmoil and pain being suffered by the same little people that Soros professes to support. He has not had a bad year, though. While trash-talking the American economy, he has seemingly profited mightily (over a billion dollars in net income) during the widespread stock market collapse. Indeed, he was one of Wall Street's top earners during this turmoil-and benefited from the same.