Chicago Police Shoot Puppy, Then Give Owner A Parking Ticket 3 Days Later

It wasn't bad enough that a 7-month-old dog was shot, but Chicago police
added insult to injury by returning to the scene to give the owners a
ticket on Dec. 4, three days later.

Fox News Chicago reported
that a policeman was writing a parking ticket when the owner appeared,
accompanied by his dog. The miniature bull terrier apparently wasn't on a
leash and the cop reportedly warned the owner, Al Phillips, to get his
dog, then proceeded to shoot the animal without provocation. Witnesses
say the dog wasn't showing any signs of aggression and the officer was
in no threat of danger.

The dog, named Colonel Phillips, is a
miniature bull terrier and will only stand 10-14 inches tall when full
grown. His sire was a champion show dog and the Phillips family had
hopes that Colonel would follow him, but that dream was squashed as soon
as the Chicago police officer drew his weapon. The dog required
extensive surgery and his wounds will leave scars and his injuries could
make him ineligible for the show ring.

Not only was the puppy
shot without apparent cause, but the police returned on Dec. 4 to issue a
ticket because Colonel wasn't on a leash at the time of the original
incident. Phillips said that he believes that citation was issued to
cover the officer doing the shooting, making it seem like the dog was a
threat because he wasn't restrained. He plans on suing the Chicago
Police Department.


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