I will seek Pennsylvanias Arlen Specters Senate Seat! A Muslim against the Jew!

I'm going to Congress!
A Muslim against the Jew!

I'm a Muslim who made the choice 9 years ago to accept Allah Fully in his heart after many years with struggling with his faith - with Allah's grace and I ask for blessings each and every day! My parents where a mixed marriage of Muslim and Christian! This ended in disaster.<br /><br />
As you know I'm the first American Muslim to start his campaign ever for office for Senator of the United States of America! I will seek Pennsylvania's seat that is held by the powerful 5 term JEWISH Arlen Specter. His 5th year term ends in 2010! To start this process we ALL know money is the key to running a campaign! PLEASE DONATE TO MY CAMPAIGN ACCT ONLY FOR US SENATE! $5.00, $10.00 0R InshAllah whatever you can afford! This is for the children of the Palestinians that have NO voice here in Americas Congress! I've already received many threats from Zionists who don't want a MUSLIM in the US SENATE! <br />
Here in America you can donate to my PayPal acct!

It's 100% legal with our campaign laws! Per the US Supreme Court on Campaign Finance Laws... You can help with a small donation by visiting www.paypal.com My PayPal ID is leboon@live.com if any person has a problem with America's Campaign laws, please call the FBI if any person has questions!!! America's laws are FREE with money and donations! Thank you, Mr Norman LeBoon SR.
- video encodings still in process -