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Peshmerga: Women Warriors of Kurdistan 

The Kurds have been fighting for their own country and basic human rights since it was divided after World War 1, into 4 parts: Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. All of the occupying countries and the ethnicities (Arabs, Persians and Turks) have committed major genocides and massacres against the Kurdish nation. A few of these major genocides and massacres were:

Zilan Massacre
Year: 1930
Carried out by: Turkey
Target: Kurdish Civilians
Casualties: 47,000 killed

Dersim Massacre
Year: 1937-1938
Carried out by: Turkey
Target: Kurdish Civilians
Casualties: 70,000 Kurdish civilians murdered

Poison Gas Attack on Halabja
Date: 16 March 1988
Carried out by: The Iraqi Arab Regime
General: Ali Chemicali (Sentenced to death by a Kurdish Judge from Halabja in 2007)
Target: Kurdish Civilians
Casualties: 5,000 Kurds killed within a few minutes, tens of thousa

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