State security hunting anti-war protesters in Zaporozhie, Ukraine

Here we can see a prime example of how far the propaganda goes in this conflict: a complete alternate reality is constructed to suppress and forget the uncomfortable truth. Before this war, I thought such twists of the mind belong in Orwell's books and psychiatrist's notes. Watch the video, and remember the narrative...

Now let me show you what _actually_ happened.
The conscription commissars thought it would be a _great_ idea to have pro-mobilization rallies in small towns boycotting the conscription, and convince the locals to submit through a combination of promises and threats. Commissars asked local officials to provide the sound systems and showed up with some pro-mobilization activists to support them. They have hugely overestimated the level of local support and, as they say in Russia, "were forced to eat their BS live on air".

If you want, here you can see the evidence, this post is actually a follow-up to this video about a rally, since many wondered what's gonna happen to the brave woman speaking her mind:

(full 32 min version - sorry for no subs, but that would take several hours):

You can see the rally is being administered by the pro-Kiev mayor and cinema/theater official (in charge of the sound system). They also happen to be the only two pro-government locals in the entire crowd. So we can clearly see no "Russian spies" set the rally up, but rather pro-Kiev officials.

As for the "provocateurs from Russia", that excuse has literally been used in every one of the many protests the new government had to suppress. Heck, the Kiev students protesting doubling of metro prices have been dubbed "FSB agents" by UkroMedia. "FSB agents" are literally the answer to every failure, e.g. the head of Ukraine's Central Bank has declared that "FSB agents" are to blame for the national currency plummeting (apparently the millions of people who all tried to buy dollars work for FSB).


Note on conscription:

Conscription is, in fact, illegal; hence, arresting people for resisting it is also illegal, and the 5-year jail term the commissar is threatening in the long video is a travesty of justice (even though they do it all the time and some people are being tried like that).

As no war has been declared, the president can not issue a "mobilization" order conscripting all the able-bodied men (but he did, anyway); that leaves the draft for young men to serve in the army, but only a very small proportion of the population are subject to that. Moreover, the jail term for dodging the draft is much lower.

Finally, there's the excuse UAF are using now - mobilizing everyone for "training exercises". But, of course, such conscripts are not supposed to be sent into combat, exercises are not supposed to last more than a few weeks, and - most importantly - dodging them is only punishable by a fine.

This is without even going into the fact that using the army for ATO is illegal in the first place, or that the government itself is illegitimate for a number of reasons. However, this doesn't matter much because laws are virtually completely ignored in the "euro-integrating" part of Ukraine.

Those that can not be ignored are rewritten: for example, recently the Rada allowed the finally legalizing the practice.

On Orwellian mass media in Ukraine:

Kiev-controlled mass media sources have earned the derogatory name "UkroMedia" soon after the coup: even though they are ostensibly controlled by several different oligarchs (and used against each other on occasion), all of them are divorced from reality when in comes to covering the war in the East.

To be fair, Ukrainian media community itself are not the main culprits:
- First, any dissenting or merely independent mass media outlets are attacked by "unknown" Right Sector men and

- Second, it's hard to demand objectivity while reporting in a madhouse. When the minister of defense says "Russians" and the head of central bank blames tanking economy on Russian spies, not much sane reporting can be done

- Third, those Ukrainian journalists who try to make good reports are prevented from doing so by the government (e.g., and those who try to talk to the other size are risking prison (Ukrainian journalist for speaking against the war and for appearing on Russian media - imagine the uproar of Western MSM hypocrites if a Russian journalist was arrested for appearing on foreign media!)

PS. Especially love the "News are Facts" slogan in the end. Not "Facts are News" - no, whatever they report apparently _becomes_ reality.